Global DevSlam was officially launched in 2022 with the support of the Ministry of Ai and Remote Work Applications and Coders HQ, in order to support the UAE’s goals to create a sustainable digital development economy in the UAE. Since then the show has become the premier destination for coders regionally and internationally to gather tech enthusiasts, transformation buyers, and the elite developer community in a groundbreaking 3-dimensional experience that aims at engaging, empowering, education and uplifting coders & developers.


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Global DevSlam is a cutting-edge platform driving innovation and excellence. Explore the pillars of the show that empower creativity and transform your tech experience.


Learn directly from experts how to effectively leverage Kotlin for multi-platform projects and enhance your skills and employability in a competitive job market.


Bringing together Pythonistas and experts to discuss the latest in Python programming, libraries, and applications.


Kubernetes Community Day, centered on discussions about the use of Kubernetes in software development across the Middle East and North Africa.

Developer Academy

Dive into hands-on workshops and training sessions led by industry experts, designed to sharpen your skills and elevate your craft in the ever-evolving world of development.

Developer Awards

Recognizes outstanding contributions and innovations within the developer community. Awards are given in various categories, such as Best Open Source Project, Developer of the Year, and Most Innovative Solution.


Connects the academic world with industry practitioners. Features talks and panel discussions that bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application in software development.


Global DevSlam’ s hackathons bring together the sharpest minds in technology to tackle real-world challenges. These intense, collaborative sessions are a battleground for innovation where developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts push the limits of coding and problem-solving.

Tales from the trenches

Dive deep into the most recent and significant cyber breaches that have shaken industries and governments alike. We dissect each incident, exploring how attackers breached defenses, the aftermath, and the lessons learned.


At Global DevSlam, we believe that every aspiring innovator deserves an opportunity to excel and make a positive impact on the world. We aim to encourage the next generation of coders by offering scholarships to support their dreams in the field of coding & development.


The DevSlam Youth X program aims at inspiring young tech enthusiasts by showcasing young leaders and wonder kids who are paving their way in the digital development landscape.



Adora Nwodo

VP Nigeria for AR/VR Association & Founder

NexaScale (Nigeria)

JJ Asghar

Developer Advocate


Aisha Bello

Co-Chair Python Nigeria, Sr. Solutions Architect

AWS (Canada)

Viktoria Semaan

Sr. Developer Advocate & Content Creator


Alexander Todorov

QA Guru & Python automation Tester, Founder & Creator

Kiwi TCMS (Bulgaria)

Aliaksei Kuncevič


Angular Consulting (Australia)


Global DevSlam unlocks the power of digital development, connecting you to a world-wide community and top exhibitors across FullStack Development, Ai Automation & Low Code. Whether you're just starting out or an long time developer – step into the most connected space for dev innovation!


Full Stack

Full stack development is a critical part of the software lifecycle as it ensures that the applications are functional, user-friendly, and optimized for performance.

Lowcode / No Code

Automation platforms such as low-code and no-code solutions are vital in the software lifecycle as they streamline the development process, reduce development time, and enhance productivity.

/ Devsecops

DevOps and Security are critical components of the software development lifecycle, enabling developers and IT professionals to build, deploy, and maintain software applications efficiently and securely.

Api &

APIs and microservices play a crucial role by enabling businesses to build modular, distributed, and scalable software applications. By leveraging APIs and microservices, businesses can create complex software products that can communicate with other applications and services seamlessly.

Talent Management

By leveraging Talent Management platforms, businesses can ensure that their workforce is aligned with their business objectives and that teams are optimized for productivity and efficiency.

Cloud for

Cloud computing services and platforms enable businesses to build, deploy, and manage software applications in the cloud.


Ministry of AI
Anaconda Inc

GITEX Global DevSlam 2023 Wraps Up “The Future of Regenerative Cities” Hackathon by HACKMASTERS in collaboration with The Ministry of AI and Anaconda PyScript.

A PyScript workshop hosted by the Founder of Anaconda, Mentors from around the globe discussing the future of regenerative cities with participants with Teams presenting their concepts in a 3-minute pitch to the esteemed judges;

Carlos Montana

Co-Founder of Reid-X

Professor at DIDI

Saher Sidhom

Founder and CEO


Hatim Nagarwala

Azure Innovation GTM



Become more agile and innovate faster to meet your business outcomes. Develop your knowledge on AWS and discover more than 20 leading solution providers across multiple technical domains such as DevOps, Security, Observability and Data domains.

Build on AWS booth in the Gitex DevSlam hall explored digital solutions built on
AWS to solve your B2B, B2C and B2E use cases.

Scholarship Winners 2023

At Global DevSlam, we believe that every aspiring innovator deserves an opportunity to excel and make a positive impact on the world. We are proud to announce that in 2023 as well we are offering scholarships to support talented individuals from around the globe in pursuing their dreams in the field of coding & development.

Data Science Infinity

AI & Data Science Scholarship


Igniting your Tech Skills!

Global DevSlam is proud to present a series of transformative workshops designed to empower individuals with the latest technological skills and knowledge.

Workshop by Google Cloud

Experience the magic of Google Cloud’s Generative AI technology.

Join Google Cloud for an interactive workshop on Generative AI, the latest and most transformative AI technology. In this hands-on session, you will learn:

  • Prompt engineering best practices
  • Parameter efficient tuning and model tuning basics
  • How to explore Text, Code, and Speech models with Generative AI Studio on Vertex AI
  • How to use the Python SDK to run the PaLM API for text, code, and embedding models, along with examples on prompt designing

Workshop by USETECH

Decoding Data Science and Women in AI are raising the bar high at Global DevSlam. Decoding Data Science mission is to bring more people into the growing fields of Data Science and Data Analysis, focusing on in Data Science & AI Role, and Generative AI Path.

The AI education platform is offering

  • Unlock the secrets of successful service implementation across industries with seasoned experts who have real-world experience. From retail to fintech, manufacturing to oil and gas, our experts have done it all.
  • Experience the power of UseBus, a cutting-edge AI-based integration platform that is modern, scalable, and high-performance. Plus, delve into the world of Octopus, an AI solution specifically designed to optimize server resources automatically.
  • Take your business to new heights by efficiently managing resources and cutting unnecessary expenses with UseTech. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your operations.

Global DevSlam Takeover stage

From Technical to Inspiring, Decode the code

Discover transformative talks, engaging workshops, and dynamic panels all entered around; Unlock the secrets of big data, digital transformation, machine learning, real-time analytics, quantum computing, data science, generative AI, and cloud computing at the sought-after GITEX Global - Devslam.


Uniting Python Enthusiasts in the Middle East and Africa!

PyCon MEA is the premier conference for Python developers, enthusiasts, and professionals in the Middle East and Africa region. With a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts, PyCon MEA brings together the brightest minds, innovators, and industry leaders to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and celebrate the power of Python.

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