Google Cloud Workshop

Experience the magic of Google Cloud’s Generative AI technology

With all the buzz around Generative AI, getting started meaningfully can feel challenging, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Join Google Cloud for an interactive workshop

In this session, you’ll see what’s behind the curtain in a demonstration of both the now and the future of Generative AI.

Get valuable, technical, hands-on experience

  • Learn best practices of prompt engineering
  • Master the basics of parameter efficient tuning and model tuning
  • Explore Text, Code and Speech models with Generative AI Studio on Vertex AI
  • Use the Python SDK to run the PaLM API for text, code and embedding models, along prompt designing examples
  • Get to run advanced notebooks which will delve deeper into using foundational models along with other components, to build solutions for industry-use cases

Work with Google AI Specialists

This session covers intermediate to advanced topics for Generative AI, providing you with hands-on experience. Attendees will also get to collaborate with Google specialists, to design and discover your business use-cases.

Spaces are very limited, so to avoid disappointment, register now.

Note - Please bring your laptop to the workshop.

Workshop Agenda

  • Welcome & Intro 30 - 40 min

  • Hands-on labs via Qwiklabs 30 - 40 min

    • Generative AI Studio
    • Getting started notebooks using Vertex AI PaLM API
    • Use-case notebooks
  • Breakout - Usecase Discussion 30 min

  • Wrap Up & Kahoot 10 min

  • Total Max 2 hours

Labs structure

  • Jump start with GenAI Terminologies
  • Tuning options
  • Hands-on Qwiklabs
    • Getting Started - Cloud Console UI
    • Getting Started - Python SDK
    • Use Cases – Python
    • Gen App Builder Demo
  • Use-case discussion (optional)

GenAI Qwiklab Modules

Getting Started - UI

Generative AI Studio

  • Language
    • Text Prompt
    • Text Chat
    • Code Prompt
    • Code Chat
  • Speech
    • Text to speech
    • Speech to text
Gen App Builder Demo

Getting Started- Python SDK

  • PaLM API
    • Model Parameter
    • Text Model
    • Chat Model
    • Embedding Model
  • Prompt Design
    • Best Practices
    • Zero-shot prompt
    • One-shot prompt
    • Few-shot prompt

Use-cases- Python

  • Getting started- LangChain
    • LangChain + Vertex PaLM API
    • Summarization
    • Q&A
  • Product Description Generation using images (needs GPU access)

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