Launched robotics, tech and digital software and hardware courses starting from 3 years old for children not literate yet. The school now collaborates with MIT, Cisco, Allianz, Michelin, Enel, Disney, IBM, Github, National Geographic, Forbes, Ted X and Wired to name a few.

Francesco Baldassarre

Co-Founder OFpassiON

Built Deep Learning Language Model to predict and autocomplete Qiskit Quantum Programming Code that improved accuracy of the model by 8% using Sentence Piece Tokenizer for pre-processing and encoding of the dataset

Sanjay Vishwakarma

IBM Qiskit Advocate and Founder of Quantumgrad, Research Software Engineer, IBM Quantum Computing ambassador

Child prodigy, A robotics engineer, in the top 100 under30 Forbes list, built her first robot at the age of 11, delivered a TED talk at the age of 14, Inspired by MIT, Founded a robotics school at the age of 16 that collabarates with MIT, Cisco, Allianz, Michelin, Enel, Disney, IBM, Github, National Geographic, Forbes, Ted X and Wired to name a few.

Valeria Cagnina

Robotics Engineer & Co Founder OFpassiON

A 23 year old, with over 160,000 Twitter followers, the Tesla CEO hardly misses replying to his technology tweets

Pranay Pathole

Tech Friend of Elon Musk, Software Developer & System Engineer Tata Consultancy Services

Creator of NumbPy, a library for the Python programming language

Travis Oliphant

Creator of NumbPy & Co-Founder   Continuum Analytics & Anaconda Inc

Organiser of CNCF meetups, known for simplifying Kubernetes and making it accessible for developers

Saiyam Pathak

CNCF Ambassador & Director of Technical Evangelism Civo

Python Core Developer, designed and implemented the Unicode support in Python, and author of the mx Extensions, e.g. mxTools, mxDateTime and mxODBC

Marc Andre Lemburg

Co-Founder Python Dusseldorf, CEO

Creator of the PyData community and conferences; Co Founder of Anaconda, the world's most popular datascience platform, based on Python, which has over 25 million users today

Peter Wang

Co Founder, CEO, Creator Anaconda Inc

Sebastian Ramirez Montano

Creator   FastAPI 

One of the most revered Python trainers in the world, is developing free and open source software, used by members of the Python and open source communities; Regular speaker at PyCon, EuroPython and PyCon UK

Michael Foord

Python Trainer, Consultant & Contractor Agile Abstractions

Guinness World Record for being the youngest programmer at the age of 6; Microsoft MTA & IBM Professional AI certified; Inspirational tech speaker at EuroPython & World Government Summit

Kautilya Katariya

World’s Youngest Python Programmer   Kautilya Concepts

LinkedIn Top Voice Data & AI 2020 in with over 300k Followers; Contributor to Scikit Learn; Patent for developing a Reinforcement Learning model for Machine Trading, Top 10 ML influencers in the world

Aishwarya Srinivasan

A contributor to Scikit Learn, Data Scientist  Google

The man behind Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, author of Cloud Native Infrastructure, and long-time, opensource developer

Justin Garrison 

Sr. Developer Advocate Amazon Web Services

Co-Host of the Google Cloud Platform podcast, technical storyteller and content creator who has created over 300 videos, articles, podcasts, courses and tutorials which help developers learn Google Cloud fundamentals, solve their business challenges and pass certifications

Priyanka Vergadia

Chief Content Officer & Lead Developer  Google

Dr. Ibrahim Haddad

 VP Strategic Programs  The Linux Foundation

A regular keynote speaker at PyCon events globally, his My _Charming Python_ column was the mostly widely read discussion of the Python programming language worldwide for a number of years

David Mertz

Keynote speaker for PyCon events & Senior Python Trainer KDM Training

Creator of Bokeh, unique library in its genre that lets users create beautiful and complex visualizations from Python without writing Java Script or HTML

Fabio Pliger

 Creator of PyScript & Principal Software Architect Anaconda Inc

One of the youngest top game developers in the world, using Python software to develop comptetetive games; Part of the Google Hustle Academy 2022

Koketso Motsea.k.a KapFresh

Rapper & Founder  Billionare Developers

Globally acclaimed developer of web interfaces with open source frameworks and libraries such as Vuejs, React (maintained by Meta) and Vanilla JS

Yaqueline Hoyos Montes

Sr. Web UI Developer Globant

A large scale high performance computing (HPC) scientist, part of a team that developed the distributed computing framework for the CERN LHCb experiment in Python, which ran on over 200,000 computers around the world across 250 physics computing centers; A computational structural biology expert at the Harvard Medical School

Dr. Ian Stokes-Rees

Computational Scientist & Associate Director BCG

Primary maintainer of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) module; Most HTTPS connections with Python have to go through his code; Recently working on WebAssembly support and made it possible to run CPython in the web browser out of the box

Christian Heimes 

Core member of the Python Security Response Team Python Software Foundation

Man responsible for laying down Tencent AI's WeChat open source neural infrastructure, Raised $37.5M by Canaan, GGV, Yunqi, Mango,, Jina AI is recognized as one of the most fast-growing AI startups in the world; His project "Fashion-MNIST" a dataset of Zalando's training set of 60,000 examples is rated as one of the best in the world

Dr. Han Xiao

Board Member Linux AI Foundation Chairman of the German-Chinese Association of AI  Founder & CEO Jina AI

Winner of Best Technology and Analytics Leadership at Internet 2.0 event in Las Vegas; Using a combination AI, Cloud and DevOps to drive customer experience and data science at one of the largest technology companies in the world

Harish Srigiriraju

Principal Engineer and Head of Analytics Verizon

A passionate Pythonista using tech to facilitate social change and empower Zimbabwean women but was also the chair of the very first PyCon Africa; First African woman to be on the board of the Python Software Foundation; Founder of ZimboPy an after school coding program for girls in under served communities in Zimbabwe

Marlene Manghami

Developer Advocate at Voltron Data & Director Python Software Foundation

Shilpa Karkeraa

Founder & CEO   Myraa Technologies

An organiser for PyCon Colombia, the expert responsible for impulse and adopt web3 technologies, build dapps using Kubernetes, AWS, Big data, blockchain, IPFS, python, javascript, vuejs, flutter.

Esteban Maya Cadavid

VP Engineering Beu

Measures candidates on the ability to code using Python for all roles on the data science team; Established the Data Science Elite team that has grown to almost 100 data scientists around the world and has been deployed on more than 130 Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning projects, advancing the journey to AI for global customers from Royal Bank of Scotland to Wunderman Thompson Data

Seth Dobrin

Global Chief AI Officer IBM

Boris Paillard

CEO Le Wagon

Derval is an expert in teaching coding to middle and high school students, helping them to build video games using Python, create web pages with Javascript and programme a range of robotic devices such as Lego Mindstorms and the app-base robotic ball, Sphero. She is also an early proponent of the teaching of Swift Playgrounds 4 to develop apps directly on the iPad, in particular as part of recent code camps to Expo and Silicon Valley

Derval O'Neill

Founder CodEng

Core developer of the Django framework, a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design, a free and open source software taking care of the hassle of web development; core member of the team at Instagram who made the performance-oriented fork CPython, Cinder available as an open source

Carl Meyer

Core member of Django Python framework & Software Engineer Instagram

Winner of IBM's Code of 2019 award

Taraqur Rahman

Chief Data Scientist Project Owl

In charge of the infrastructure team to develop, deploy and run all Python code across Bloomberg's channels; Python core developer, Steering Council member and release manager of Python 3.10 and 3.11

Pablo Galindo Salgado

Physicist & Software Engineer - R&D Python Infrastructure Bloomberg

Creator of a dataframe validation library for scientists, engineers, and analysts seeking correctness, the system integrator for the world's most popular Python based software "FastApi" with Geopandas; Core Member of Flyte OSS software, used by Lyft

Niels Bantilan

ML engineer at & Creator Pandera

Haytham Abuel Futtuh


The driving force behind Open-Source Redis, the world’s most loved in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise, a real time data platform

Simon Prickett

Manager of Developer Advocacy Redis

Clinched the $1 million prize after undergoing training and developing the One Million Arab Coders competition's winning software project

Mahmoud Shahoud

Sr. Android Engineer Habit 360