Our mission at Global DevSlam is to bring together the brightest minds from the tech industry to foster a community of collaboration and innovation. We believe that by creating a space for all stakeholders to connect, share ideas, and collaborate, we can help drive the tech industry forward and achieve our collective goals.

This is a platform that provides exhibitors with an opportunity to showcase their products, services, and technologies to a vast audience of tech enthusiasts and potential customers.

Located Alongside GITEX GLOBAL , a platform for solution providers to showcase their products to the largest gathering of government and tech users in the world.

An Expected 15,000 Visitors FROM 170+ Countries

5 Days Of data and tech-driven conference sessions led by some of the pioneering minds in ai, python, java, cloud kubernetes and other leading programming languages

First Ever Collaborative Hackathon

The Zonal Experience: 5 top zones, 5 amazing curated visitor experiences across front end & back end coding, low code and no code platforms, full stack development, APIs & microservices & platform engineering


Stay in the know with the updates and breaking news surrounding Global DevSlam, bringing you a symphony of the latest developments, trends, and insights from the world of global development. Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology, innovation, and sustainability, your compass through this tech event.
Immerse yourself in a world of profound knowledge, where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and be prepared to be dazzled by the intellectual crescendo that is Global DevSlam.

Global DevSlam Returns To Unite The Leading Minds Of Innovators

GITEX Global 2023: The biggest tech show of the year is back


I think the real value is the connections – meeting people, sitting down and exchanging contacts and figuring out the collabs and exchanging of ideas, and I think this is really valuable for developers. Similar to it geography, at the intersection of Asia and close to Europe and so on, I think what’s really important is figuring out and getting visibility of different companies and activities that are typically not present in your geography. I am mostly Europe and US focused but while here I had visibility on a lot to companies in Asia that I had never recognized before and this is very valuable to me.

Ibrahim Haddad
VP Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation

A thing like DevSlam that brings people together, companies that showoff their use cases, and other developers and contributors. It’s a great place to make connections, both business and personal connections that can help people stay connected to their craft.

Travis Oliphant
Continuum Analytics & Anaconda Inc

I believe that Global DevSlam plays a very big role in the community, we’ve seen coders get involved in numerous activities, we see a lot of innovation being brought in by the local government and local teams, so the show promotes a REAL environment for coders.

Christophe Zoghbi
Founder & CEO

Who Exhibits and Why?

Global DevSlam attracts a diverse range of exhibitors representing various sectors of the software development industry. From established tech companies to emerging startups, exhibitors showcase their innovative products, cutting-edge solutions, and groundbreaking technologies. They participate in Global DevSlam to leverage the platform's global reach and connect with a highly targeted audience of C-level innovators, government officials, and exceptional coders.

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